echoValue API - No Subscription

echoValue is a Key-Value Store API that offers a lightweight and user-friendly solution for developers and freelancers, especially those focusing on smaller projects.
This API simplifies the storage and retrieval of key-value data, eliminating the need for complex server setups.

It's perfectly suited for serverless applications, quick prototyping, metrics handling, and a variety of other uses.

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Start for Free. Every new token creation gets 100 free operations.
Each Key/Value API call costs 1 operation.
No Registration, No Credit card, No Subscriptions, No Expiration, No Hidden Costs

// request a new token
curl '' \
-d 'token=new'
% mytoken

// save "world" under "hello" key
curl '' \
-H 'x-token: mytoken' \
-d 'world'
% OK

// get the value under "hello" key
curl '' \
-H 'x-token: mytoken'
% world


No subscriptions, you pay only what you use


100 operations
No credit card
No Registration

$4 / €3,70

1 milion operations
No Subscription
No Expiration

$10 / €9,20

3 milion operations
No Subscription
No Expiration

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